An Introduction to Tableau

Types of Tableau

Depending on your needs and your intended uses, there are multiple versions and licenses to choose from. There is Tableau Creator which allows for users to prepare the data for analysis. While cleaning and prepping data is usually done using another program, such as Python or SQL, there are a few tools that can help prep a brand new source of data. Tableau’s true strength comes with the ease of creating the visualizations and dashboards for analyzing the data. Another license is called Tableau Explorer, which allows access to and analysis of the data that has already been made available by the Tableau Creators. These explorers can also create their own dashboards. The final type of license for the standard Tableau platform is Tableau Viewer, which like it sounds in the name, allows one to view and interact with the produced visualizations and dashboards, but no creation capabilities.

Installing Tableau Public

Installing Tableau Public is very easy. The first step is to go the Tableau Public Homepage. This can be found by simply entering “Tableau Public” into a search engine and it should be the first result to show up. All that is necessary is to enter your email address and Tableau Public will download automatically to your computer.

Screenshot of Tableau Public Home Page (

A Quick Look at Tableau Public

When you first open Tableau Public, it will open to page with a few actions you can take.

Screenshot Tableau Public App Home Page (Tableau Public)



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